About us

Cork English World, Ireland’s Cambridge award winning school, provides courses which are designed to provide students with the language skills needed to communicate effectively and confidently in English.  Our Courses also provide students with the skills and strategies necessary for learning English outside the classroom.

Cork English World specializes in English Language Courses and In-Service Teacher Training for teachers of English as a second language.

Our methods are based on over 30 years of combined expertise and experience.

Being a leader in the field of Language Teacher Training, CEW needs to be at the forefront of Language Learning Methodology. CEW has a core staff of 8 people under the direction of Majellia Sheehan & Mireille Kingston. Our track record is proven, time after time we get the desired results.

At Cork English World you will be speaking English for a minimum of 20 hours per week… fluency in English is no longer fiction!


Cork English World offers English classes in at least 6 levels, from Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1), with a maximum of 14 students per class.


Academic Team


Majellia Sheehan BA, RELSA T.E.F.L, DELTA (Cambridge) is the Academic Manager and one of the Directors of Cork English World. She has been working in the ELT industry since 1990. Majellia has worked in France, Spain and in Ireland. Her ELT experience ranges from teaching General, Business and Exam English classes to Pre and Post Teacher Training courses. Majellia is a highly experienced Cambridge examiner. From time to time Majellia teaches classes at Cork English World ensuring to keep in touch with our students in the classroom. She also works on in-house training for CEW teachers.

Angela Keohane BA, H Dip in Ed, T.E.F.L, MA (Applied Linguistics) started working in ELT in 1985 and she has taught English in Italy, France and Ireland. Angela has taught General, Exam and Business English to a variety of levels (beginner to advanced). More recently, she has taught ESOL to non nationals working and living in Ireland who are preparing for FETAC certification. Angela grew up in London, but her family returned to Ireland when she was 12. Angela is a main tutor on our International Teacher Training Courses


Stephen Buckley Hi everyone! My name is Stephen and I teach English at Cork English World, including on Skype. I have been teaching English since 2012. I pride myself on detecting and correcting errors, on getting students to stop making mistakes, on being able to teach a set syllabus (when required), but also on teaching students how to use the English they already have – most students already have a lot of ability and can do better than they think, with a little help. I have experience of teaching IELTS, FCE and CAE. I am also a qualified CPA and have two law degrees, and I regard my business English and legal English knowledge as being of the very highest level. I enjoy reading and Tae Kwon Do, and browsing large swathes of history-related articles on Wikipedia.

Angela Killeen BA HDE CELT ALCM LLCM (TD) has worked in secondary schools in Ireland teaching English, French and Irish, and has also lived and worked in France, where she taught English to second-level students, and to students preparing for Cambridge Certificate examinations. She has travelled extensively in France and Europe. She is also a qualified Speech and Drama teacher.  She has been working at CEW since 2011.



Brona O’ Grada holds a BA degree in English and Psychology and an MA degree in Technical Communication and Instructional Design. Brona has been teaching English since 2008. She has taught a wide variety of courses, including General English, Business English, and specialised exam courses, such as IELTS, FCE and CAE. Brona has also worked as an IELTS examiner, qualifying in 2018.



Martin Keogh BCom, CELTA, DELTA (M1&M3) began working in ELT in 2007 and has taught English to both children and adults in Cambodia, Colombia, France and Ireland. Martin has experience teaching General, Exam and Business English to all levels. He finds preparing students for future academic and employment opportunities through exam preparation courses, especially IELTS, satisfying and rewarding. Martin comes from the seaside village of Ballycotton and enjoys sport and music in his free time.



Eva Drabant MA, Media Studies, CELTA

I have been working in English Language teaching since 2014. I have worked in a number of different schools based in Ireland and I have extensive experience of teaching general English, business English and exam preparation courses (Cambridge exams, IELTS and TOEIC). I have taught students  of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds and this is one of the things I like most about teaching - the opportunity to meet and interact with such a wide range of people. In addition to my work in the classroom I also have experience of teaching online. I have worked as an online teacher for CEW and also provide online classes for students based in France as part of the French CPD programme. I love languages and language learning and I have also worked as a translator and interpreter. 



Maeve Simcox BA, Celta, has been teaching English for 10 years. She has taught in Ireland, the UK and Spain teaching adults and children of all ages and levels. She has General English and exam English (IELTS, Cambridge First, Advanced, Proficiency) in both monolingual and multilingual settings to groups of various sizes as well as online classes.


Administration Team


Mireille Kingston MA M.I.A.T.I is Cork English World’s Financial Director. Mireille has been involved in accommodation & administration for over 10 years. Among her many duties, Mireille oversees the financial aspects of Cork English World. Talk to Mireille for information about paying your tuition and accommodation fees.

Paul Sheehan B.Sc.(Hons), H.Dip. TLHE, CELT holds a Science degree and a post graduate diploma in Teaching and Learning in higher education. In addition, he is qualified to teach English as a foreign language. Paul is responsible for the development and maintenance of documented quality procedures whilst also overseeing the marketing department at CEW. Paul teaches classes from time to time ensuring the utmost quality of service all the time.