Primary Course 1 week

Recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications in Ireland for English language teaching

Title: Primary Teachers: A Training Course for English Language Teachers

Duration:  28 hours


Preparation: Hands-on and practical method for English language teaching based on drama, poetry, intercultural awareness, computers and the Internet.


Objectives: To expose Primary teachers to creative ideas for using I.T. in the conjunction with drama & poetry in the Early Language Classroom.

Resources: I.T enabled classrooms, WIFI


Requirement: Participants are expected to have basic computer knowledge before registering for the course and a minimum English language level of B1(CEF).


• Introductions & icebreakers
• Course outline & guidelines
• Classroom language
• Preparation for Cork Discovery
• Task-based Discovery of Cork


• Cork Discovery Report
• Language Acquisition
• Teacher Swapshop
• What is staging?
• Language surgery


• Storytelling
• Staging drama
• Classroom language
• The Irish Education System


• Songs & Chants
• Language surgery
• Course evaluation


• Staging storyline
• Pronunciation
• Film in the Primary classroom


Course Dates & Fees 2017

Tuition fees: €380




July 3rdto July 7th2017

August 14thto August 18th2017


Accommodation options:

• Irish Host Family €285 –7nights
• Self catering apartment €170 –7nights