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Recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications in Ireland for English language teaching

Cork English World, Ireland’s Cambridge award winning schoolprovides courses which are designed to give students the language skills needed to communicate effectively and confidently in English.  


Our school is an exclusively adult school where you will enjoy the benefits of being immersed in a mature & professional  environment.


Our Courses also provide students with the skills and strategies necessary for learning English outside the classroom.

“Our Academic Manager is always available to help and advise students who are encountering difficulties with their language acquisition.”

General English Courses

General English Courses

General English courses are available all year round and are multinational.  

Courses are of 15 hours per week (60 minute lessons).

Monday - Friday 09.00 - 12.15

Monday - Thursday 09.00 - 13.00 (4 days per week) NEW!

Monday - Friday 13.00 - 16.15

Students can enroll for any number of weeks with a minimum stay of 1 week.  

Placement Tests

Before you start your course you will do a Written placement test via a link sent to you and you will do a short skype Oral Placement Test in order to assess your level of Oral English and are then assigned to the appropriate class. CEW will email you the week before you arrive to give you all the information about your class.

Courses are held at all levels from Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1).







I can ask and answer simple questions, talk about numbers, quantities, cost and time, and what I like.

I can give my opinion on something familiar, offer help, describe my hobbies, friends and other people, and where I live.

I can give reasons for my opinions, offer advice and talk easily about familiar topics such as family and studies.

I can give a prepared presentation or talk, put my point across persuasively, communicate with reasonable accuracy and correct my mistakes.

I can give a detailed presentation on an area of my studies, abstract topics and talk about many topics fluently and naturally

I can express myself naturally and effortlessly on most topics, follow and give presentations, and deal with complex informations and transactions.

The Academic Manager closely monitors the progress of the students by communicating with the tutors on a daily basis.

On full time courses you will be provided with a coursebook (€20 deposit). During the course you will have access to our extensive reference library.  We also use a wide range of authentic material in the classroom which helps the student to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Management of your development

Learner diaries  are prepared for all students who are on courses of 7 weeks or more. The Learner Diary is completed by your teacher at various intervals throughout your course.  It is a written record of your progress in English and a very important document.
Students can do an
Exit Test to see their own improvement at the end of their stay.

Full-time and part-time courses do not include bank charges, bus pass, leisure programme and health  insurance. However we offer the following: free Wi-Fi internet access, English test & interview with highly trained teachers, welcome pack and a map of Cork.

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Check our Testimonials

“I have learned English in three different schools, and Cork English World is the best. Because staff is very kind, and teachers have passion to teach. I love CEW.”

Thor, Japan

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