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Host Family Accommodation


Irish Host Families have a tradition of hospitality and warmth. This tradition is renowned the world over and has been a major factor in attracting thousands of students to Ireland for many years. The homestay is a vital component of a student’s learning experience in Ireland, both educationally and culturally, and lends itself to a well-balanced encounter with Irish Life.

If you ask CEW to organize your accommodation, it will be for a maximum of 3 weeks,  subject to availability. It is the student's responsibility to secure their own accommodation after the initial 3 week booking. 

The homestay placements at CEW are situated all over Cork City, and can cater for the many and varied requests, from non-smoking to special dietary needs. Please note that most homestays are not available in the city centre, mainly due to the fact that Irish families tend to live outside the heart of the city in the suburbs.This means that some local transport will probably be involved in coming to school each day. The homestays have been specially selected and are only deemed suitable following a thorough inspection. The student will be provided with breakfast (continental) and an evening meal. Please be prepared for some surprises with regard to Irish food; it may not be what you are accustomed to, but is sure to nourish! Living with an Irish Family is likely to be distinctive in some ways to your living in your own country. It is important to be open to the differences with which you are confronted. Remember; when in Rome do as the Romans do!

Homestay students will be collected and driven back to the to the airport / bus or train station providing they do not arrive after 23:00hrs and depart before 10:00hrs (week-ends only).

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Homestay Type A

7 NIGHTS = €210

 single room, breakfast &  evening meal

Homestay Type B

7 NIGHTS = €350

Single room en-suite,  breakfast, evening meal and morning transfers to  the school

In the event that our accommodation provider cancels the accommodation (before your course commences) due to circumstances out of our control we reserve the right to cancel the course. In the unlikely event of this happening we will endeavour to reschedule the course and accommodation dates (subject to availability); if we cannot secure alternative accommodation we will reimburse the course and accommodation fee. We will not reimburse other costs (travel/flight expenses) and other expenditure you have incurred.  As with all travel, CEW recommends you purchase travel insurance for any trip.

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