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Visa & Immigration

Non- EEA Students

Registering at Immigration & obtaining an IRP Card (Irish Residency Permit)

Non-EEA students must be attending a programme on a full-time, daytime basis, which is defined as students attending between the hours of 9am and 5pm on at least four days between Monday & Friday each week. Formal timetabled hours must amount to at least 15 hours per week for at least 25 weeks / 375 hours over the year.

Students are required to take an international exam at the end of the course.

Once the course has started, students will need to take the following steps in order to comply with the Irish laws on immigration:

Step 01

Email Cork Immigration to request an appointment for your IRP (Irish Residency Permit) give your name and date of birth.

Step 02

Gather evidence that at the time of arrival in Ireland you had direct access to €4500 

  • from statements of your account in your home country 

  • from statements from your online / digital account: Revolut/ Money Jar/ Wise/ N26 

  • from statements from Irish account: request a bank letter from the school for AIB, Western Road to open an account. 

Statements from Online and Irish bank accounts can be used as proof of address

Step 03

Once you receive your appointment date, email  with your current address and request your school letter, a copy of your insurance and a blank IRP form. 

Step 04

Go to immigration with: 

  1. Passport 

  2. School letter 

  3. Insurance 

  4. Bank statement 

  5. IRP form 

  6. The cost if the IRP card is €300.

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